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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 17, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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parsimonious in your thoughts when writing "the factor." i'm bill o'reily,
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the president leads in two fashions he has legal authority by being elected but you need moral authority. i think this constellation of scandals, he's losing his moral authority to lead the nation. other thing i think people don't like is minneapolis pock crassy. he said he would protect the 4th amendment. he april dwreerd care. he sounds like he does but does the opposite. and then, you have his director of intelligence looking at a senator and says we're not collecting data on americans when in fact the truth is that they're collecting a billion phone calls every day. >> yes. i once asked how do you describe yourself plitly. your wansz interesting to me. you said constitutional conservative. >> go head. >> i'm an originalist. i like scalia and thomas on the court. and i think we look back alt
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the real meaning of what the constitution was, and it did mean you had a certain degree of privacy that the 4th amendment granted and we've been going in the wrong direction so this is a healthy debate. but the deeb jait not about the person or the leaker. it's also not about the national intel -- intelligence director lying it's whether or not your private records, whether you still should have privacy. >> sean: how do you think these scandals impact constitutional issues of our time? >> they add to each other. i think the irs scandal is damage together presidents credibility. it appears he's targeting political opponents now it turns out the woman who took the 5th amendment was threatening candidates as much as 0 or 115 years ago. i wonder if this goes deeper
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into a union that runs the irs i think there has to be a reviewing of the irs at large. is there a problem over there? >> sean: let me ask you about the immigration bill making its way through the senate. lindsay gram said hispanics cost romney the election. if we don't pass immigration reform, we don't get it off the table fwheer a demographic death spiral. do you think he's right on that? >> i believe we need to be more inclues skbrif need to go out to talk to hispanics and latinos and tell them why the republican party is a good fit for them. i don't agree we choke on a bad bill. the proponents are saying that legalization happens before we get to border security that. is the opposite of what
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conservatives want. it guarantees legalization is dependent on border security. it's the only thing the house would accept so they're saying they're going legalize people that won't fly in the house. >> do you think they want this to fail? >> some do. some are not and can care less. we got $10 million to $11 million people because legal immigration system is broken. i do want to fix that. i can't just vote for any fwhail is fwhot going to secure the border first. >> let me go back to snowden. he said all i can say right now is that u.s. government is not going to be able to cover
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this up by jailing or murdering me. truth is coming and then, he said no. i've nat had no contact with the chinese government like the guardian and washington post i only work with journalists. there is discussion whether he's a hero or trader. i think the american people have a right to know. what is your take on it?. >> if he revealed a program showing how we've eavesdropped on people who are enemies that, i think would be a serious crime. he rerevealed something and we passed special legislation. i voted against this. they did pass special legislation authorizing it. i tend to agree with this position. it's a little trickier on deciding whether to decide to
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become a civil disobedient. we've had famous ones in our career but some only had to serve, like martin luther king served 30 days in jail. he may be looking at live in prison. so there is a question. people are saying we ought to come home. >> let me ask but this trip. the first lady has an entourage of 30, a $3300 a night beautiful suite. good life if you can have it. there is a trip to africa, the president couldn't keep the white house open. do you see a corallation there? >> we don't have capitol police guarding the entrances to the senate buildings anymore because the sequester but we can have enough for travel. we had 225 irs travel trips last year to the tune of $4
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million so really, you know, it's crazy what is going on with government travel and expense. federal employees spend $9 billion on travel. when this came up i proposed we cut it by 25%. it saved over $2 billion so i think there is room for cutting and they ought to look in the mirror, maybe. >> sean: you've been in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, these are interesting states. how is one to interpret your schedule? >> when you go early primary states people do pay attention. right now i want them to pay attention to the fact i want a bigger republican party competing in all 50 states. i want to go from 5% of the african american vote to 20% to 25%. in one election.
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if we do that, all states that weren't competitive become competitive again. we're thinking about growing the party what. comes after, we'll see. >> you're making it hard. not breaking news tonight, i got it. >> i'm trying to give you a scoop the best i've got. >> sean: good to see you, thank you for being with us. tonight tonight on hannity frank luntz will dial the immigration issue and coming up next, dick cheney slammed and called out lawmakers for being critical of the spy program. congressman jim sensenbrenner will tell fuss he thinks this is within the law z left wing hollywood ate again coming out with a brand new psa encouraging president ob yaum ato eliminate america's nuclear arsenal.
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memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous information to the national security interests of the united states. >> former vice president dick cheney talking about the squall whistleblower edward snowden. he defended the surveillance program, implemented in part after 9/11. >> we based the decision in part after 9/11. congress authorized the president to deal with military force to deal with the crisis. we set the program up in the weeks after '01, we briefed chair and ranking members of the intelligence. we did it in my office in the west wing. we gave them the lay out of what we were doing, what we were learning about it. we did it for e, and we had senior officials in the congress and eventually with the fisa
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courts, read into the program, knew what we were doing and in effect signed off. >> joining me to respond is jim sensenbrenner, one of the authors of the patriot act, but he says the obama administration's actions are un-american and unlawful. congressman, good to see you many. >> happy to be here, sean. >> i heard you just had birthday, happy birthday. >> thank you, sean. i may be older, but may be wiser. >> you have always been on principle, which i admire. have you been there fighting the good fight every day. what do you think about that question about snowden? thoughts? traitor, hero? >> well, he's definitely a criminal for violating his oath and disclosing classified material. if he is giving this material to the chinese or russians, he is a
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traitor. we don't know that soon. >> part of me, congressman, that is glad that he revealed this. part of me that's concerned, if he went to china or russia, that would concern me. you wrote the patriot act. is what we've heard about the prison program, that what's in the law. >> it clearly not in the law. one of the most difficult things of getting patriot act passed is the business section of the law. called section 215, and in order to get the act passed, it was limited. limited only to getting the business records of a foreigner, not an american, who is the target of an authorized terrorism investigation. it did not allow the dragnet style we've seen in the prison program and the nsa revelations that have occurred to date. former house intelligence committee chair pete huckster of
9:17 pm
michigan said what the obama administration is doing is the bush administration on steroids this is clearly beyond the law as i have outlined it, and it's unfortunate that the justice department and fisa court did not follow the law and justices petition and the court approving it. >> very interesting. a liberal website out there, and they said i've changed my opinion. i supported the patriot act, i support data mining, i support surveillance and i support fisa court. but i don't support what the administration did. am i consistnent with what the law is? >> you absolutely are consistent, and i agree with every one of the points you've made, sean. we have to balance security with a respect for civil liberties, which has made our country different than any other country in the world. i think i did that when i drafted the patriot act.
9:18 pm
now, obviously, we're going to have to have some changes in section 215 and maybe in the law that authorizes the fisa court to do what it has done. i don't know exactly what those amendments need to be, but obviously this program has got to be reined in. we should look at the business records of people who are targets of investigations and people who are foreigners, but we don't need to grab everybody's phone calls and they can even go to grabbing the phone calls of journalists or members of congress, who are protected in one way or the other by the constitution, so that the administration, whoever it may be, can see who we are in contact with and try to figure out how we are building a case to do what a journalist or member of congress want to do. there are no checks and balances here. we've got to restore them. >> you know, congressman, if i broke the law or anybody
9:19 pm
watching this program breaks the law, there will be consequences, at least so you've been told. here are you saying they broke not only the spirit, but the letter of the law that you wrote. i don't hear anybody talking about any consequences, do you? >> the problem you got with the fisa court is that if they go too far there, is no way that somebody who is hurt by their orders can go to a public court to be able to challenge it. if you or i were to receive a subpoena or a search warrant for whatever reason, we can go to court and try to get that quashed, because we know what they are asking for and we can make a determination of whether they have gone too far or whether it's not relevant. but nobody knows what the fisa court has ordered, and my concern is is that it's kind of like saying that the police have to stop everybody to try to fin the one drunken driver on the
9:20 pm
road. people should only be accused when there is probable cause, and i thought the patriot act had been drafted in a narrow way so we would go after foreigners who were targets, but evidently the justice department and fisa court decided to go beyond it. >> congressman, very enlightening. >> thank you, sean. >> happy birthday to you. >> thank you, too. up next, the white house tries to deal with the numerous scandals in d.c., new reports about wasteful spending will make american d americans quest happening in the white house. and the gang of eight is controlling what the immigration bill should say. what the public thinks about this message. coming up, and also my commentary on hollywood liberal let's get the ball rolling.
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get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. welcome back to "hannity." the scandals at play in the obama administration are not enough to schacht shatter your confidence in the federal government, the unbelievable wasteful spending might do the trick. we'll start with the first lady's suite in dublin. ith costing you $3,300 per night and an entourage of 30. "the washington post" is reporting that the president's family will have a journey to africa which will cost between $60 million to $100 million. and by the way, this doesn't include his trip later this
9:26 pm
summer to martha's vineyard. but the wasteful spending only begins with the fist family and continues down the totem pole, the irs looking to hire a diversity and inclusion specialist with a mihm mum of $100,000 a year. the credibility challenged state department is planning to spend $450,000 of your taxpayer dollars to protect transgenders. why is this important to you? right now, we have $16.8 trillion in debt with that kind of spending, we're robbing future generations of living the way they deserve. if we don't tackle the debt now, america will lose its status as the most powerful country in the world. number two, these are your hard-earned tax dollars. you want them going to nonessential programs. perhaps you would like to see it used on programs that would help
9:27 pm
the economy and create a job? number three, lavish overseas travels come as government agencies are facing mandatory fiscal cuts. we can't open the white house to school kids because we can't afford it. we have joe trippe and jenny beth martin. time of honesty if we can't open the white house for school kids to go and see their house, do we really need to spend that kin of money, $6 0 million to $100 million on african, $3,300 a night, 30-person entourage to dublin. >> i doan know if any of those numbers are right? >> oh, they are right. >> are you doubting me? >> well, sean, i'm doubting whoever came up with these
9:28 pm
numbers. some people came up that his trip to india would cost $200 million and use 10% of the u.s. navy. notes numbers weren't right. >> "the washington post," a liberal newspaper, said $60 million to $100 million. >> sean, i'm not arguing with you. africa has large economic growth, a lot of room for american businesses to move in. creating jobs here and that's part of what the president intend to do while he's there. >> just like the stimulus was a great job. >> that's right. it doesn't start with him, sean. george bush spent $20 million sending him back and forth to his ranch in crawford, texas and he went to africa twice and took laura and the two daughters with them, they went on safari on the border of botswana and south africa. not the first president to go to
9:29 pm
africa and presidential trips cost a lot of money. >> i want the president to be secure, but i think there are better uses for the money. nearly $17 trillion in debt. we can't afford this. u.s. time for the government to be constitutionally limited and fiscally responsible. what the tea party fighting for for the past four years. >> explain the $450,000 of taxpayer money to protect transgenders at the state department, joe. >> everyone in this country is -- their rights should be protected, regardless of gender or -- >> this is for a program that oversees you. it's not actually for a grant here in america. it's a grant for overseas protect of transgenders. >> i'm sorry. i haven't read that article. i'm not sure -- >> do you read anything? you are supposed to prepare to
9:30 pm
come on this show. >> i did read. i didn't read about this particular $a450,000 job. >> he plays golf, he has music groups. all of this at a time when 50 million americans are on food stamps, 1 in 5 children are in poverty and the oppics don't bother you? >> i started the whole thing that the optics are bad and i wouldn't schedule the trip to africa right now. but i don't make those decisions. >> look, people need to come to d.c. this wednesday and join us as we audit the irs. that's where the president should be focused. >> what are you planning on wednesday? >> we are auditing the irs, join us with michele bachmann and rand paul and others, we need you on wednesday. come join us. >> yeah. >> if you go, i can promise you
9:31 pm
you will get a free irs audit, just because you are hanging out with the tea party. >> i already had one of those, thank you very much, sean. >> guaranteed, if you are with the tea party, you get an audit. >> i've already had mine. good to see you. >> all right, speaking of government waste, hard-earned tax dollars to arm rebels in syria, some have already pledged their allegiance to al qaeda and utah senator will be here to respond. but coming up next, we'll have a bipartisan focus group dials some of the most controversial issues facing the nation, border control and immigration. we want to hear from you. contact us at or ♪ ♪
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eight has been out in force trying to sell the immigration plan to you and lawmakers alike. a sudden revelation on president obama's influence. a seni a senior official obama says no decisions are being made without talking to us. this is going to pass with some republicans, but a majority of democrats. immigrant reform is not an easy issue to tackle. they need to focus on finding real solutions that start with controlling the border first. second, if this report is true, and the white house is secretly controlling the gang of eight, where is the transparency the president promised? what lawmakers really need to be asking, what do you think? what do hard-working taxpayers think about this?
9:37 pm
joining us to answer this question and more? frank lund. he posted this to a bipartisan group of americans. >> the public wants it solved and in the right way. it starts at border security. no compromise on that. second, enforcement. >> can i stop you thousan, thog? that's the part they are having the most trouble with. >> we want to know whether it's high skilled or low skilled, this will do something to create jobs and make the economy stronger. and they overwhelmingly support the dream act and overwhelmingly support these kinds of reforms, it makes common sense. i'm willing to -- it.
9:38 pm
>> and they cannot get to the back of the line. and after we have verified that the border is secure. >> that is what actually the chair is promoting on the house side. the judiciary committee is responsible for this. his message, not just to republicans, but nationwide. >> let's role this. >> we're a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. and we have to make sure that we find a -- a way to bring apeopl who are not here lawfully and out of shadows can be done, but only if we can assure them the last time we did major immigration reform in 1986 doesn't happen again. legal inflation and green cards for 3 million or 4 million people, but never got the enforcement of employer
9:39 pm
sanctions, the method of helping employers in a sound way determine who is lawfully here and can accept deployment. >> interesting. >> they work them with republicans and democrats. everybody wants enforcement, and everybody wants accountability. >> and the congressman glado of texas, and this is pretty interesting, those were high numbers. let's see what he did. >> i represent part of el paso, for example, third year in the roux, na row, has been named one of the safest cities in the country. for me border security many times turns out to be economic development, put more people on the border, small towns on the texas border, you certainly help the local economy, buying at stores and contributing paying
9:40 pm
taxes. not necessarily a bad thing, but people are a little tired of tying immigration to border security in many places. >> he doesn't get it. this is something i've been watching with politicians. those talking about it in terms of illegal immigrants do badly. in the end, they didn't come back here. and those talking about an actual unit, they do well. >> let's look at what senator john mccain said. >> i would favor an approach to the issue of people who were in this country who probably should have a right to remain in this country. whether they should automatically -- i don't -- i think they should automatically get to the front of the line. ith unfair to the people in this country and legally to be ahead
9:41 pm
of someone who was here legally. a majority of americans would agree with that, even a large number in the hispanic community. >> the dream act, i want to make it clear to viewers, the idea of kids brought here through no fault of their own, nobody wants to punish them or sewn them back, they should have a path to citizenship, they are here through no fault of their own. it's different with other immigrants and in the enenend, sean, it has to help the american economy. why not bifurcate this? control the border, do it expeditiously and do with the 11 million separately after. we get spending cuts and tax increases. you always get the tax kris and spending cut. you get the amnesty and not the border security. >> fighting in the house over whether to include obama care over the 11 million. that will completely bust, blow it up. >> i want to invite people to participate in focus groups.
9:42 pm
go to, sign up, we'll have several dozen over the next two months, and they will get a chance to participate. >> by the way, a reminder, rough on the crowd. up close and personal. >> i am so gentle. >> you are a lot of things, you are not gentle. food to see you. >> and still ahead on "hannity" -- >> we believe that the state of nuclear weapons is inevitable, in some way we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable. >> to denounce a call for cooperation is a cowardly thing to do. >> alec baldwin and his liberal friends are calling on the president to forfeit the nuclear arsenal. we will show you that dangerous public announcement in its entirety, and i will respond.
9:43 pm
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the fact don't want weapons used against us and against our allies. a lot of questions asked and answered on look we've got a lot of opposition and russians saying they cannot and will not tolerate a no-fly zone in syria. that is where discussions are
9:49 pm
going. we've got iran, believed to be in the process of setting 4,000 pairs of boots to this region this, could become a regional or a global conflict very quickly. and we've got to ask questions and get a lot of questions answered before we can proceed. >> yes. it's a humanitarian disaster. you have 100,000 people killed in process here. i guess the question now is, are we making a mistake? we want to saw it out but who takes over if he goes? will it be another radical islamist state in the middle east? >> that is my concern. we don't know who would take over. we don't -- there is no question assad is a bad guy but who is going to replace him? i don't know that we've adequated veted these roots to
9:50 pm
know who would take over and whether or not they'd be friendly to the united states. or to our allies in the event they prove victorious at the end of the day. >> is there anything
9:51 pm
>> it seems like they are all in. it seems like america -- are we going to have the same outcome as we had in egypt? >> i think we could have a similar outcome there. in some respects, i think it could be much, much worse. look, assad has a lot of things behind him that we didn't face -- we haven't faced in other parts of the world. that ought to be cause for great concern. we have various groups that have pledged loyalty to al qaeda that are part of the resistance movement. are they going to be receiving u.s. weaponry or other forms of u.s. military assistance? these are questions that have got to be answered. to my knowledge, they haven't lee, it's interesting to watch the criticism coming your way. ted cruz's way, rand paul's way, rubio's way. they don't like these new
9:52 pm
conservative rising stars. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> coming up next, right here on "hannity." left-wing lunatics and hypocrites in hollywood. they are calling on president obama to forfeit america's arsenal. i will explain why this is an awful idea. that's next. awful idea, next you hurt my feelings, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service instd of "strength training with patrick willis." come on todd! flap them chicken wings. [ grunts ] well, i travel a lot and umm... [ male announcer ] at visa signature, every upgradedxperience comes from listening to our cardholders. visa signature. your idea of what a card should be. visa signature. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner,
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. finally tonight, left wing hollywood liberals are at it again. they joined forces in a new they joined forces in a new >> now, we talk a lot about hollywood liberalism. for example, hollywood liberals have their own armed security guards, but they don't want your right to the second amendment. they talk about global warming and carbon footprints, how many travel around in private jets like al gore in leonardo
9:57 pm
dicaprio. no suvs for you, private jets for them. the same thing is true for defending our country. in the last century alone, 100 human souls, naziism, the killing fields in cambodia. they forget that evil exists in our time today, so they came up with -- well this, stupidity. >> today, i state clearly and with conviction, america's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons >> a world without nuclear weapons. >> this matters to people everywhere. some argue that the spread of these weapons cannot be stopped, cannot be checked. this fatalism is a deadly adversary. >> so if we believe that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable. >> then in some way, we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is
9:58 pm
inevitable. >> to denounce a call for cooperation isn't easy but also the a cowardly thing to do. that's how wars begin. >> that's where human progress ends. but make no mistake. >> when we fail to pursue peace. >> then it stays forever beyond our grasp. >> forever beyond our grasp. >> forever beyond our grasp. >> tell take patience. >> and persistence. >> but we must listen to the voice. >> the world will not change. >> human destiny will be what we make of it. >> let us bridge our division. >> build uponnure hopes. >> and our responsibility. >> to leave this world -- >> to leave this world. >> more prosperous. >> and more peaceful than we found it. >> and more peaceful than we found it. >> my name is alec baldwin. >> my name is naomi watts. >> robert deniro. >> i demand i. i demand i. zero. >> i demand zero. >> zero. >> zero.
9:59 pm
>> i demand zero. >> zero. >> i demand zero. >> zero. >> i demand zero. >> my name is michael douglas and i demand zero. >> the world must stand together to prevent the spread of these weapons. >> hollywood liberals define peace as the absence of conflict or the absence of war. i have a different take. i view peace as the ability to defend yourself and your family. you know, evil people -- they don't obey the laws. that's why good, honest people should have the right to keep and bear arms. similarly, evil dictators have popped up all throughout history. they don't respect human life. the best way to defend ourselves is to have a deterrent. they have it backwards, as usual. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. the news continues. greta's next to go "on the record."
10:00 pm
we'll see you back here tomorrow night. take it away. ta, take it away. tonight, well, hold on to your seats, the irs targeting scandal just got worse. >> targeting of tea party groups was taking place at headquarters in washington and nobody is in washington and nobody is >> there is nobody that's going to convince me that obamma was not involved. >> investigators are focusing on the role of this woman, a senior irs official, bagsed in washington, who says that she was in on the plan to give extra scrutiny to conservative groups. >> she told congressional investigators, she reviewed 20 to 30 applications going back as far as 2010 and she says some of the requests went unanswered for more than a year. >> remember what took place with the inspector general's audit? she sat in on almost every interview he did with potential people who were


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